2023 CA Hive Theft List


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Bob Brandi – Madera County

Stolen: 64 Hives, branded with ROBSON and D.ROBSON

Location: Madera County

When: Between February 1-7, 2023

Contact: Bob Brandi at 559-284-4715













Hiatt Honey – Madera, CA

Stolen: 110 hives, brand is wa-6

Location: Madera, CA

When: Early February

Contact: Chris Hiatt, 559-232-2494, Madera County Sheriff’s office, 559-675-7770








Brock Ashurst – Delano, CA

Stolen: 9 hives stolen and others vandalized, marked with Fairview Honey on the side and a bee stenciled on the front

Location: South of Delano, Schuster and Melcher Rd

When: February 3, 2023

Contact: Brock Ashurst, 760-427-0464








Coalinga, CA

Stolen: 200 hives, yellow lids and pallets
Location: Coalinga, CA, Fresno County
When: Late January/Early February
Contact: Fresno County Sheriff Office at 599-600-3111 or Cory at







South of Fresno

Stolen: 160 Hives
Location: South of Fresno, West Lawn and Nebraska
When: First week of February
Contact: Fresno County Sheriff Office at 599-600-3111, reference Bob Felker case #23-1308










S.P. Godlin Apiaries

Stolen: 84 hives, white boxes with “S.P. Godlin Apiaries” on the side, as seen in photo.

Location: Kings County, CA

When: January 25th, 2023

Contact: Steve Godlin, 559-804-8680, Kings County Sheriff’s office, 559-584-9276









2023 CA Hive Theft List