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View 2022 CA Hive Theft List Here

WestRiver Honeybees – Orland, CA 
Stolen: 8 frame supers with cleats at the top of the super. Blue stenciled “WestRiver Honeybees” on the boxes, WR is branded into white pallets and lids. Flats are lid style and some new ones have ¼ rim for bee space.
When: February 24th/25th between 6 PM and 7 AM
Location: Road P and 30, Orland, CA
Contact: Bradley Hall, 530-774-7172








Hive Theft – KES Madera County

Stolen: 48 hives stolen off of Road 23 and avenue 17 in Madera. 10 frame story and a half equipment. Hives, pallets and lids are branded KES. All pallets are oil dipped and lids are bright yellow with patty rim. They could have yellow hive bodies, blue, salmon/pink or purple with mostly white shallow supers.

When: Early February

Location: Madera County, Road 23 and Avenue 17

Contact: Madera County Sheriff’s Department, 555-658-2555









Hive Theft – UBees – Fresno County

Stolen: 72 hives stolen from the area of James and Belmont Avenue in Fresno County. Bee hive boxes are either labeled with “Ubees” or “B&M Apiaries”. 90% of his bee hive boxes are also branded with the number “1-961”.

Location: Fresno County, area of James and Belmont Avenue.

When: Between 1/20/22 and 1/28/22

Contact: CSBA at or Rural Crime Task Force at







Hive Theft – Steven Baker – Butte County

Stolen: 68 hives stolen from the area of W. Hamilton Rd and Highway 99 in Bigg’s in Butte County, CA. The hives were removed by hand and the pallets were left behind. “ST Baker” is branded on the frames and hive boxes.

Location: Butte County, W. Hamilton Rd and Highway 99 in Bigg’s

When: 2/8/22

Contact: CSBA at or Rural Crime Task Force at







HIVE THEFT: Madera County, CA 

160 double deep, white hives on 4 way pallets. The stencil is Browning’s Honey. They were stolen from an orchard on Avenue 7 and Road 21 in Madera county California.

If you have any information on them please contact Zac Browning (701) 320-6942











HIVE THEFT: South Valley Farm, North of Bakersfield, 1/29/22


Message from Joseph Taylor via Commercial Beekeepers Facebook:

144 hives stolen from South Valley Farm North of Bakersfield over the weekend. The hives belong to my Brother in law and his family. The hives are a mix of olive green and white boxes. They are stenciled with T & D Honey. The lids are mostly flat and heavy with a full 3/4 inch rim around the inside….Law enforcement was notified and a police report filed. Commercial Beekeepers however has several thousand members, most of whom are currently in California driving through orchards working their own bees. While caring for your own bees please keep an eye open for equipment that matches that which was stolen this weekend. Thank you.

HIVE THEFT: Tauzer Apiaries Bee Hives Stolen from Hopland, CA 

**Update: These Hives have been recovered**

View 2022 CA Hive Theft List