Hive Theft in Yolo County


Yolo County, CA Thefts 

It is that time of year when hive thefts become all too common in the beekeeping industry. Please stay vigilant for bees being moved or worked that seem suspicious or don’t have matching markings on equipment/trucks working the bees. 

In the last two weeks there has been a string of thefts in Yolo County, CA that we want to help get the word out about. Both thefts occurred between December 27th and January 11th.  

Forklift Theft – Approximate Dates: December 27th – January 11th 

2018 White Hummerbee Turbo II was stolen from Woodland, CA. This machine has a clamp down assembly and swing away forks (not a common option). 

If you see this machine or have any information please call (530) 758-0363 or email

$10,000 Reward for information that leads to a return of equipment.









Hive Theft –280 Hives, January 2nd 






Approximately 280 hives stolen sometime Saturday the 2nd of January. They are marked with “H-M-A”. The boxes are white and have H –Medina with an Esparto address on them. It appeared that there were three sets of tire tracks at the location. 

If you see these hives or have any information, please contact Helio Medina at (530) 867-3034 or Jack Dewit with the Yolo County Agricultural Department at (530) 666-8140. 

Hive Theft in Yolo County