CSBA Request for Proposals


CSBA Request for Proposal

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Abandoned Hives Alert


On 02/09/2016 a dairyman located on the 12500 block of west Kamm Avenue, in Fresno County, reported beehives left on his property.  The dairyman stated it was brought to his attention by the beekeeper that he had hired to put bees out in his almond orchard.

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2016 Hive Theft News


The last couple months have been rough for beekeepers across the state. Hive theft has grown to unprecedented levels, in part because of the rapidly rising prices of almond pollination. Over 500 hives have been stolen from CSBA members alone. Theft has been just as widespread for beekeepers outside our organization with the total number of beehives stolen easily rising to over 1,000.

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2016 Bee Theft Alerts


On 02/14/2016 a beehive theft was reported at Kamm Avenue and Clovis Avenue in Fresno County. The owner of the bees said 20 wooden pallets that contained 80 hives were stolen. The hives were said to be painted white and light blue, with word “Marquette” branded on some of the boxes. The beehives had a total value of $20,000.

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