Update on the latest CSBA Funded Research


We have made significant progress in the development of a Varroa mite biocontrol strategy.Over the last 10 months we have successfully developed methodologies for isolation, genetic characterization, and toxicity assays (in vitro and host-associated) of candidate Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) strains.

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Hotel Accommodations for the CSBA Convention


Greetings: It seems there is some other big event happening near Shelter Island during our November Convention, and lodging space is tight everywhere.  If you plan to attend and have not yet booked lodging, please do so right away, it’s only going to get harder as time passes.

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CSBA Request for Proposals


CSBA Request for Proposal

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Abandoned Hives Alert


On 02/09/2016 a dairyman located on the 12500 block of west Kamm Avenue, in Fresno County, reported beehives left on his property.  The dairyman stated it was brought to his attention by the beekeeper that he had hired to put bees out in his almond orchard.

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